Milan was a city of many firsts for me. First stop on my first journey to Europe. First city I visited in Italy. First time I saw a true Duomo. The first time I ate real Italian gelato. The first time I experienced the northern italian tradition of aperitivo. The first time I felt  Keep Reading!


Rome. The holy catholic city. My mother’s deep religious roots had always mystified the city for me as a child. As I grew up I found other reasons to want to visit Rome but for my mother the reasons remained unchanged, simple, and uncomplicated – faith. I could go on forever about all the things I wanted to get out of Rome but what got me to book that ticket, the main reason was this. Rome was a challenge an unattainable dream of sorts that my mother has yet to achieve in her 66 years of life. For her, there was always an excuse a reason why not to. The reality though was this sense of undeserving like ‘this is something only certain people can do’. This idea is what created the web of excuses and so too – her sense of Rome being this magically unreachable place. I wanted for one to overcome this silly hurdle my mother had created in her mind – prove to her and myself that Rome was attainable and above prove to her that we could be/were certain people… Keep Reading!


This is my first post and also my most recent trip. I’ve structured my blog and its posts in a format that I hope will prove to be useful based on what you’re looking for. Simply click on one of the links below or refer to the About Page to learn more about the structure of the blog… Keep Reading!