Cultural Sunday’s

How it came to be

When I moved into The City – as in NYC. I knew I was moving to a destination city. A city where people traveled to. Rich with history, culture, amazing food, museums, bars, nightlife, parks, people. You name it – its probably here.

I’ve always been of the philosophy of taking advantage of your surroundings. Immersing yourself in all that is where you choose to be. And I chose to be here. I chose to move out of my parent’s house (much to my mother’s disappointment) and throw my earnings towards some ridiculous rent in a tiny walk up apartment on the UES just to be able to walk outside my door and have the world at my fingertips. Adventure just a subway ride away.

Though I have explored quite a bit on my own. I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by a close group of friends that are transplants – as in they didn’t grow up in NYC or the surrounding tri-state area. Why does this matter? This matters because they are able to appreciate NYC in a way most people from the surrounding area cannot.

Once I was all moved in my friend Evelyn and I found ourselves week after week diligently planning our Sunday’s – checking off our NYC bucket lists. Visiting, experiencing, and learning all the things we wanted to. Now I can’t say I coined the term I must give one of my best friends and planning partner in crime Evelyn the credit here. I can’t recall exactly where we were or what we were doing but I do remember her putting together the words like it was some old standing tradition of ours already – lets call Cultural Sunday.

And so was born Cultural Sunday.

When does cultural Sunday take place?

Sunday is clearly the typical day but we’ve strayed from that day depending on timing of what we want to do and schedules of course.

What do you typically do for Cultural Sunday?

Typically a Cultural Sunday will involve some sort of learning aspect with a food accompaniment.

Just as the word Cultural embodies many things so too does Cultural Sunday. Listed below are a few examples of some things we’ve done during Cultural Sunday…

— Museums + Museum Tours : Museum of Natural History, The Met, Frick Collection, MoMa)
— Theatre, Events : Broadway Shows, plays, ballet, comedy clubs (rush tickets, or raffle tickets offered at many shows @ box office opening hour or 2 hrs. before showtime)
— Walking Tours : free tours by foot has a plethora of amazing tours that encompass learning about different neighborhoods, art, food etc..
— Food : Restaurant week, food festivals, brunch, niche food spots, etc..
— Parks Highline, Central Park, Prospect park, Madison Square Park, etc…


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